Chair of Biological Imaging

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Slideshow: optical setup with green laserbeam
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The Chair of Biological Imaging (CBI) at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, is a multi-disciplinary academic research structure strongly integrated with the Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging of the Helmholtz Zentrum München. CBI research focuses on innovative optical and optoacoustic methods that enable novel visualization of living biological tissue in both pre-clinical and clinical settings. [more...]

Our research highlights


Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT)

Example of a handheld MSOT device developed for skin imaging.

Learn more about breaking through the limits of conventional optical imaging.

Fluoresence Molecular Tomography

Three-dimensional rendering of bones, skin and lung based on XCT data and FMT reconstruction of a K-ras mouse with lung tumors.

A hybrid fluoresence molecular Tomography X-ray Computed Tomography (FMT-XCT) system was launched offering the best to-date FMT performance.

Interventional multispectral molecular imaging

Fluorescence imaging in surgery

Shifting the paradigm of thousands of years! Visualizing cancer during surgery and endoscopy based on molecular biomarkers.

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